A Brief Introduction to Millennial Zeal
in the Nineteenth Century

With the end of the 20th century rapidly approaching, there is an upsurge, fuelled by speculation in the media, of interest in millennial zeal. Individuals posting to religious news-groups on the Internet have been caught up in this upsurge and many messages are predicting the return of Christ in the near future.

But what of the past? Millennial zeal is far from new. Ever since Christ's ascension, Christians have awaited His return. This text investigates one major upsurge in this zeal and why it happened.

  1. Setting the scene: What triggered off the millennial zeal of the early 19th Century.
  2. The Advent of millennial zeal: Early signs of expectation of the Return of Christ
  3. Wolff and Miller: Two of the greatest proponents of the coming millennium.
  4. Beginnings: Where did the concept of millennial zeal come from?
  5. Proofs: A brief look at the prophecies in the Book of Daniel
  6. The realization: What exactly did happen in 1844, the secret of our century.
  7. And into a new age: And, once again, God's Messenger to humanity is rejected by the old order.