Skye Bahá’í Structure Project
Phase 2 – Construction of the building  

Baha'i Community of Skye Central
Bahá’í Structure Project
at Rubha Phoil in Sleat.

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Saturday, 17th August, 2002
Graham, Sally and Maggie finish the preparation of the site ready for Mike to start putting up the building next week.
(Pictures to follow)

Monday, 19th August, 2002
Our designer / builder arrives on Skye with the sections of the building pre-fabricated ready for erection to start on Tuesday.

Tuesday, 20th August, 2002
Work starts on erecting the tranquillity zone structure.
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The five pictures are
  1. The path up to the tranquillity building
  2. Mike Smith cutting the last of the foundation posts.
  3. Part of the base with some of the wall panels in the background
  4. The view looking out of the door of the building.
  5. The complete floor joist frame with the door frame in situ.

Wednesday, 21st August, 2002
The state of place at the end of the day's work.
Today saw the floor laid and the nine wall panels (well, 8 + a door frame really) erected.
A scaffolding platform has been erected ready for putting up the roof trusses and panels.
Already there has been an enquiry about using the building for some sort of event.
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  1. The approach to the tranquillity place.
  2. The view looking out through the door of the building.
  3. The back of the building through the trees.
  4. The walls erected and nearly ready for the roof.
Tonight we held a community meeting to discuss, among other things, the naming of the building, a dedication ceremony, its use, etc. There were several suggestions for a name but it was generally agreed that the name should be in Gaelic with English and, if possible, other languages included. Some of the suggestions included "Shiloh" (Place of Peace), "Tigh na Solus" (House of Light), "Tigh na Sith" (House of Peace), "Aite Sith" (Place of Peace), etc. The younger members of the community came up with some excellent suggestions here. Ultimately it will be up to the Assembly to choose the name.

There were other suggestions, such as having a gate and/or a rustic archway at the start of the path up to the site, a place for a candle in the centre of the building, a willow screen to shield it from the house, etc. Also discussed were what signs or notices should be put in place. Again, these will be discussed by the Assembly.

Thursday, 22nd August, 2002
Work on the roof structure commences.

[Photos copyright ©, 2002, Graham Parry, Isle of Skye.]
  1. Mike with his wife Eileen
  2. Mike and Graham (a member of the Skye Central Bahá'í community).
  3. Mike puts the first roof board into position.

Friday, 23rd August, 2002
The pictures speak for themselves!
1 2 3 4 5 [MORE PICTURES]
  1. Front view from approach path (with umbrellas to keep out the rain).
  2. Side view.
  3. The rafters, with enlarged detail of complex "star" joint at peak. (See, also, Monday 26th)
  4. Another front view.
  5. Rear view through trees.

Saturday, 24th August, 2002
The completion of the roof ...
[Many thanks to Sarah and Liam Stephens for taking the photographs for me.]
A generally miserable day today which, with the famous Scottish midges, will have slowed down the work a bit.

Sunday, 25th August, 2002
It was a beautiful day today! We are now nearing completion – and, anyway,
Mike and Eileen will have to return to Devon on Tuesday.

Monday, 26th August, 2002
Another beautiful day today! Mike spent the day closing up gaps and putting in the "fiddly bits"
The seat round the eight panels is now in situ.
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Tuesday, 27th August, 2002
Today was Mike's last day this visit. He had hoped to be putting in the beading between the panels before heading off home to Devon at about midday, but time ran out. These last photographs (taken the Sunday after Mike left) represent the end of phase 2, the erection of the building.
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Dear Friends,
That is the construction of the building, apart from a few minor details, complete.
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Thank-you for visiting our site.

With best wishes,
Chris Manvell

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