Skye Devotional Building Project
Phase 1 – Planning & Preparation  

Baha'i Community of Skye Central
Devotional Building Project
at Rubha Phoil in Sleat.

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Designer's Notes
Some notes regarding the siting, installation and orientation of the building by the designer and manufacturer, Mike Smith from Devon (who was originally a member of the Skye Community.
The third image is a quick sketch of the building to give an idea of what it will look like.

Preparation – Clearing the site ...
(12th May, 2002) Two pictures of some of the members of the Skye Central Bahá'í community preparing the site for the structure, and one of them relaxing afterwards.
... and waiting for construction to start

(Some time in June) Looking 1) towards the door into the tranquillity building, and 2) across the site (door on left). Note the recycled carpet covering the cleared land to keep down weeds, etc.

Dear Friends,
That is phase one (the planning of and preparation for the project) complete for what, we understand, is a first – the first dedicated Bahá'í structure in the UK to be built for devotional use.
If you would like to be kept up to date with developments (and when I add some of the earlier history of the project)
please click here. Thank-you for visiting our site.

With best wishes,
Chris Manvell