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VENUE & DATES – Home of Mrs Pam Sabet, Dura Den, Near St Andrews in Fife; Friday evening 9th September 7pm, all day Saturday and till 4pm on Sunday 11th September.

WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR? – Male or female Teachers, Educators, Parents and Caregivers, Facilitators, Community Workers, and ANYONE interested in making a deep positive impact in their lives and the lives of others. 15 years old and over. Sponsored by the Association of Bahá’í Women, Scotland.

TO REGISTER – Mrs Lizbeth Thomson, 20 Headrigg Road, West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland, KA23 9JF. Telephone 01294-822843. The COST is £25 for course, food and accommodation; £15 deposit on booking please. (Cheques payable to Lizbeth Thomson.)

THE FACILITATOR – Gail Madjzoub from Geneva, Switzerland


THE VIRTUES PROJECT is an approach to bringing out the best in people, with simple strategies for helping them to live by their highest values.

THE VIRTUES PROJECT was originally designed to support and promote healthy family life and combat rising violence. It has been taken up by indigenous communities, corporate groups, schools, adolescent suicide prevention programmes, drug and alcohol and prison rehabilitation programmes.
Based on the simple wisdom of the world’s diverse cultures and religions about living by the best within us – courage, honour, justice – THE VIRTUES PROJECT does not promote the practices or beliefs of any particular tradition.
The strategies are being taught and applied in more than 80 countries around the world.
This workshop offers you an experience in applying the strategies, language and interpersonal skills of THE VIRTUES PROJECT to individual and group facilitation work with adults, youth and children.

  • To develop a language that will empower and encourage you and others to achieve goals.
  • To understand how to use “teachable moments” for self development for yourself and others.
  • To be able to set and maintain clear boundaries in relationships and work.
  • To access your own values and motivate others to find and use theirs.
  • To discover a powerful problem solving technique.
The Five Strategies of the Virtues Project
  1. Speak the Language of the Virtues – Empower those behaviours you want to see in others and yourself – compassion, respect, honesty, assertiveness.
  2. Recognise Teachable Moments – View life as opportunities for learning rather than a series of crisis or problems to overcome.
  3. Set Clear Boundaries – Clear, virtues-based boundaries achieve cooperation and harmony in relationships. Within a community, they help develop a common vision.
  4. Honour the Spirit – Learn ways to encourage practices in which meaning and purpose are awakened and explored. Explore reverence or reflection and awareness of your own unique value.
  5. The Art of Spiritual Companioning – Discover a powerful new skill beyond active listening which enables you to access your own solutions to issues and concerns.

ABW(S) Board members are: Judy Finlay (Skye), Shelagh Gudmundsson (Dunfermline), Mandy Hepburn (West Kilbride), Louise Hughes (Dura Den), Pat McNicol (Skye), Rosemary Sheppard (Galasheils), Zoe Sier (Glasgow), Lizbeth Thomson (West Kilbride).