The Scottish Bahá’í, No.36 – Summer, 2004
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SUBJECT: Garden in memory of Jenni Ross
Seat Hello
I’d like to inform friends of Jennifer Ross that there is now a small garden area in the University of Dundee dedicated to the memory of Jenni. It is in Park Place and is to the right hand side of the larger garden with the huge willow tree. It is a serene place to go and sit and there is a quotation from Bahá’u’lláh inscribed on a plaque "In the garden of your heart plant naught but the rose of love". This was Jennifer’s favourite quote and when she was ill in hospital she had patients drawing the writings as an activity. When I arrived to visit her that Plaque afternoon the ward was festooned with the decorated writings of Bahá’u’lláh and some had been put up on the wall.
On the 18th of May the Scottish Association of Mental Health launched a brochure and have dedicated it to the memory of Jennifer. The launch took place at the Corinthian in Glasgow and the brochure is an attempt to help families who have suffered because a loved one has taken their own life. I travelled to Glasgow for this event and some of the friends from Dundee also attended.
Best wishes from Rona Ross

SUBJECT: Book Four does the trick
Dear Friends,
I had my first ever direct experience of the training institute courses having a positive impact on teaching so I thought some others would be interested to hear about it. In April, I managed to get the time to do book four as an intensive course in Moffat. It was a wonderful group with a great tutor and I really enjoyed spending a whole week immersed in stores of the Báb and Bahá’u’lláh.
One of the main purposes of book four is to be able to share stories about the Báb and Bahá’u’lláh with others. It has always been my experience with training that if you don’t put it into practice soon afterwards then most of the effect is lost, so I was really fortunate in being booked to do a public talk on the Bahá’í Faith at Paisley Museum just four days after the course ended.
Normally I would have done such a talk by concentrating on the principles of our Faith but after doing book four I decided to start the talk with a summary of the lives of the Báb and Bahá’u’lláh. Around 20 people (including one Bahá’í to whom I am married) turned up for the talk. It went really well and I could see when I talked about the suffering of the twin manifestations that people were touched.
There was a great deal of interest and I’ve never had so many varied and good questions from so many different people afterwards. It certainly wasn’t the kind of response I’m used to and I’m sure that doing book four and putting it directly into practice was the main reason for the difference!
Allan Forsyth

SUBJECT: Northern Lights Dance Group
Dear Friends,
You may be interested to know that, although the Northern Lights Dance Group no longer train or perform together, they still seem to be having an influence in Scotland. Allan Forsyth has told us that his young daughter Saba was recently at a Drugs Awareness event in Glasgow. Part of the video presentation included the Northern Lights ‘Drug Dance.’ We do not know how they got this film, but they mentioned that Northern Lights were a Bahá’í youth group who were opposed to the drug culture. Saba was approached afterwards by many people asking if she knew the dancers and for information about the Faith. It was proclamation on a huge scale.
Wendy Keenan

SUBJECT: from Liam Keenan
Dear Friends,
I’ve so much to say, but I`m going to have to keep this brief! For those of you don`t know, I`m living and serving at the Baha`i World Centre for the next eighteen months. I arrived safely a few weeks ago at 5am, tired, confused and sweaty.
This is an amazing place, and I couldn’t be happier. I won’t go into loads of detail, but get in touch individually, and I`ll let you know what I`m getting up too.
My new email address is, no more fsnet, or throwing me at anything! If you get in touch I will respond. Promise.
Much love,
Liam Keenan
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