The Scottish Bahá'í is published under the auspices of the Bahá'í Council for Scotland to act as a link between Bahá'ís living on mainland Scotland and the off-shore islands, together with those living elsewhere in the UK or abroad. Copies are also sent to selected members of the Bahá'í Administration and to the Journal. It is intended that they be published four times a year.

Sending Material for Inclusion in the Newsletter
Please send news, letters, articles, photographs, details of forthcoming events (the latter well in advance) etc. to the address below. Note: Photographs will be returned subject to the editor's absent-mindedness (a SAE helps). All material will be considered for publication, subject to review, but may need to be edited to fit. Copyright will be retained by the author but it is assumed that any material submitted may be used on The Scottish Bahá'í web site (see below) unless we are asked specifically not to do so.
NB: Submission of photographs including identifiable images of children. Under the terms of the Child Protection Act images of children may only be published if parental permission has been received. Permission cannot be implied by the sending of a photograph, but must be given in writing or by e-mail direct from the child's parent or legal guardian. However, photographs where the child cannot be identified by name or place may be included.

Sending material for publication
Please send community news to the News Editor,
      Wendy Keenan,
and all other material to the General Editor,
      Chris Manvell,, or Fax.: 0870 056 8081.

Submission Deadlines
Deadlines for submissions to The Scottish Bahá'í are the 15th day of February, May, August and November for the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter editions respectively. Material send by e-mail or on disc may be submitted up to one week later. Late material will only be included at the editor's discretion.

Subscriptions and Donations
The Scottish Bahá'í is distributed free of charge to all Bahá'ís households in Scotland and to Scottish pioneers abroad who wish to receive it. It is also available by e-mail (ASCII), with images available on the web (contact the editor for details). Subscription rates are:
    Bahá'ís resident in Scotland: Free (but donations would be welcomed, see below)
    Rest of UK and overseas (surface): £3.00 for 4 copies, post paid. Cheques to be drawn in pounds sterling.
    Overseas (airmail): £7.00 for 4 copies, post paid. Cheques to be drawn in pounds sterling.
In order to reduce the burden of the cost of producing and distributing the newsletter, donations would be most gratefully received from those entitled to the free distribution. However, the lack of a donation will not debar you from receiving the Newsletter. Please make cheques payable to the NSA of the Bahá'ís of the UK and send them to the Treasurer of the Council for Scotland, Andrew Goodwin (e-mail for address).

The Scottish Bahá'í Newsletter is published on Skye on behalf of The Bahá'í Council for Scotland of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the UK.

Paper copy printed in Fort William by PrintSmith, tel.: (01397) 700330.