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Day 10 Dawn Prayers (optional)
Pilgrims must leave the Haifa/'Akká area by sunset.

Thanks to the very kind invitation a charming Indian lady working at the World Centre, Brynhild, Roderick and I were enabled to travel back, once again to Bahjí – an undeserved but very much appreciated bounty which allowed me to come to peace with myself and to leave with my spiritual desires satisfied.

Back in Haifa, together, we ate falafel and shwarmi (my last) and walked back up those interminable steps to the Pilgrim House. During the afternoon, I was able, once again to pray at the Shrines of the Báb and 'Abdu'l-Bahá before, my hunger satisfied, I walked back down to Puah Street to get the sherut to Tel Aviv.

As the others left for their night flights, two of us sat at the airport tired but happy through the night until, at last even my friend had to go, probably never to be seen again. But there will always be a bond between us – one cannot share a Pilgrimage without developing a deep relationship with each other.

During the morning various pilgrims passed my through temporary home until, at last, I was alone, tired and solitary, waiting for my evening flight to bring me back to England and the cold weather. On the flight I was asked several questions about the Faith, but was too tired to give more than brief answers to what was requested. Then, it was through passport control and customs to be greeted, at last, by some friends with whom I was to stay the night before, finally returning home to Skye.

As I wrote shortly afterwards, I have, during my life, had some wonderfully spiritual experiences, but I felt then and still feel now that this was the summit – that never shall I experience, in this life, anything to match it. No-one is ever the same after a Pilgrimage, be it Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Bahá'í, or any other Faith, but sometimes the full understanding of the experience does not come until much later. And there I shall end. I hope that my thoughts, which as before, I must emphasize are purely mine and in no way an "official" view, will inspire others either to go on Pilgrimage themselves or to investigate what has brought me so much happiness.

Thank-you Bahá'u'lláh for what You have done.

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