As we approach the close of the 20th Century it is a perfect time to reflect on our past and develop a vision for the future we would wish to bequeath to our children. I hope that some of the articles and links on this site will help facilitate this process.

  1. Article: Towards the New Millennium " the end of the Twentieth Century, as we approach the Millennium, we are in a very interesting situation where we have a vacuum at the heart of many societies. Religion has been discarded decades ago and the ideologies that took its place have become discredited. But without an ideology to act as a centre and a cohesive force, society is in danger of falling apart. And so people are desperately looking about for something to fill this vacuum and act as the source of unity..."
  2. Article: Who is Writing the Future? Reviews important milestones in the history of the twentieth century and sets out prospects and challenges for the transition to a global civilization.
  3. Article: Peace Among the Nations Argues that the catastrophic events of the end of the Twentieth Century will lead, ultimately to World Peace.
  4. Document (off site): Turning Point for all NationsPrepared for the 50th Anniversary if the UN, one paragraph states:"As the twin processes of collapse and renewal carry the world toward some sort of culmination, the 50th anniversary of the United Nations offers a timely opportunity to pause and reflect on how humanity may collectively face its future. Indeed, there has emerged of late a wide range of useful proposals for strengthening the United Nations and improving its capacity to co-ordinate the responses of nations to these challenges...." NB. Allow time for document to load
  5. Document (off site): The Prosperity of Humankind First distributed at the United Nations World Summit on Social Development, Copenhagen, Denmark March 1995, explores a vision of human prosperity in the fullest sense of the term -- an awakening to the possibilities of the spiritual and material well-being now brought within our grasp. As the twentieth century rapidly approaches its end, there is a marked acceleration in the efforts of governments and peoples to reach common understandings on issues affecting the future of humankind. NB. Allow time for document to load
  6. Document (off site): Toward a Development Paradigm for the 21st Century. Comments on the Draft Declaration and Draft Programme of Action for Social Development (A/CONF.166/PC/L.13) presented at the second session of the Preparatory Committee for the World Summit for Social Development. NB. Allow time for document to load
  7. Document (off site): World citizenship - A Global Ethic for Sustainable Development. Based on a concept paper shared at the 1st session of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development. NB. Allow time for document to load

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