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Health and Healing

Possibly because the best orthodox medical opinion of the time told my mother that I would never sit up and certainly not live beyond the age of 5 (I am now 10 times that) I have always had a healthy scepticism for allopathic medicine. On the other hand, having an almost logical mind I am also not gullible in respect of unorthodox remedies (I believe). Personal experience coupled with common sense and the experiences of people I trust have led me to believe that certain complementary therapies have much to commend them (as do certain orthodox approaches).

What's up Doc?

My major dichotomy in this regard is homeopathy. By all (current) scientific logic, it cannot possibly work yet, time and time again it has been proved to do so and is even available on the NHS. The best scientific attempt to explain this is the placebo effect. However, this falls down because it is also effective in treating animals (I know - I have used it!). For the time being Paul and the scientific community will remain baffled but - Paul at least - will continue to use it.

Useful Sites on Complementary Therapies

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