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The Islands of the North Sea
A Compilation of Bahá’í Writings
V.   Sundry unverified sources
Note: The following is part of the report from the Stockholm Conference mentioned in Part III. The original material has not been sighted.

... Mr Ferraby, Secretary of the National Spiritual Assembly of the British Isles, announced assignments to Cyprus, Malta and the Shetland Isles. Pioneers were available to fill other parts, he said, but funds were lacking. A Persian believer at once assured the necessary amount to send pioneers to the Channel, Hebrides and Orkney Islands, while a Bahá'í from Sweden offered to settle in the Faroe Islands...
Report from the European Intercontinental Teaching Conference, Stockholm, July 1953 [44]

The House of Justice asks that attention be given at the Conference to promoting special teaching efforts directed to the islands surrounding the continent of Europe; this comment is directed to all national communities, but particularly to that of the British Isles, with special reference to the islands of the North Sea. In our consultation we did not discuss the reasons for the special emphasis placed on these island goals but each of us is entitled to think about it and speculate; it may be that, at some time in the future, conditions will be so chaotic on the Continent that these islands will become the depositories of the strength of the Faith, who knows, for a brief period of time or a period of time unpredictable.
Paul Haney, addressing the Frankfurt Conference, 1967 [45]

Other examples may be found [of organic growth] in authoritative statements about the future development of the Faith in Europe. The Universal House of Justice has referred to 'the islands of the Mediterranean and the North Sea' as 'islands which are to play such an important role in the awakening of the entire continent.'
Under conditions of inorganic growth, the process would be the exact opposite; first the Faith would be established firmly on the European Continental land mass, and from there the Mediterranean and North Sea islands would be opened to the Faith. But the organic growth process proceeds by an entirely different strategy, governed by divine principle, and manifested in the successive Plans emanating from the World Centre of the Faith.
Dr Peter J. Khan, in Bahá'í News, May 1983, p. 7 [46]