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Some Baha'i Writings Regarding Food and the Vegetarian Diet

Treat disease through diet by preference, refraining from the use of drugs; and if you find what is required in a single herb, do not resort to a compounded medicament.
(Bahá'u'lláh and the New Era, p. 106)

O God! The Supreme Knower! The Ancient Tongue speaks that which will satisfy the wise in the absence of doctors...O people, do not eat except when you are hungry. Do not drink after you have retired to sleep...Do not take nourishment except when (the process of) digestion is complete. Do not swallow until you have thouroughly masticated your food...That which is difficult to masticate is forbidden by the wise. Thus the Supreme Pen commands you. The taking of food before that which you have already eaten is digested is dangerous...Take first the liquid food before the partaking of solid food...A light meal in the morning is as a light to the body...if two diametrically opposite foods are put on the table do not mix them. Be content with one of them...When you have eaten walk a little that the food may settle.
(Star of the West, Vol.XIII,#9)

That a sick person showeth signs of weakness is due to hindrances that interpose themselves between his soul and his body, for the soul itself remaineth independent of any bodily ailments.
(Throne of the Inner Temple, p.66)

Know thou that the soul of man is exalted above, and is independent of all infirmities of body and mind.
(Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah, p.153-4)

The food of the future will be fruit and grains. The time will come when meat will no longer be eaten. Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural food is that which grows out of the ground.
('Abdu'l-Baha, from Bahá'u'lláh and the New Era, page 102)

As humanity progresses, meat will be used less and less, for the teeth of man are not carnivorous. For example, the lion is endowed with carnivorous teeth which are intended for meat and if meat be not found, the lion starves. The lion cannot graze; its teeth are of different shape. The formation of a lion's stomach is such that it cannot receive nourishment save through meat. The eagle has a crooked beak; the lower part shorter than the upper. Were it to try to pick up grain it would find it impossible; were it to try to graze, it would fail. Therefore it is compelled to partake of meat. But the domestic animals, the cow, horse, donkey, sheep, etc., have herbivorous teeth formed to cut grass which is their fodder. The human teeth, the molars, are formed to grind grain. The front teeth, the incisors, are for fruits, etc. It is therefore quite apparent, according to the implements for eating, man's food is intended to be grain and not meat. When mankind is more fully developed the eating of meat will gradually cease.
('Abdu'l-Bahá, from Star of the West, Vol.III, No.10, p.29)

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