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This is the one page on this website that I hope no-one will ever see! However, you have ended up here because, for some reason, the link your browser was trying to access does not exist.

The most common reasons why users receive 'Not Found' error reports come down to:
  • Incorrectly typed URLs. Remember that web addresses are case sensitive.
    E.G. "pilgrim.htm" is not the same as "Prilgrim.htm".
  • Renamed pages. E.G. if pilgrimage.htm was changed to pilgrim.htm. I still have people trying to access files that have not existed for several years.
  • Incorrect links from other websites. These are often linked to the above reasons.
  • Your browser's cache is out of date. Try going back to the previous page (Alt-⇐) and pressing Ctrl-f5 to update the page in your browser's cache.
  • Other reasons. E.G. web searches often throw up some weird addresses, some that only existed for a few hours or never existed at all!
  • Finally, there a lot of dead links in the site itself. Partly because I have had to merge two sites into one with the closing of my old server and partly because of my own laxity. It will take a long time for me to go through all its 7265 files in 343 directories, many of them redundant. So please be patient.

Apart from the last, I am unable to do much about any of the above errors (and there are lots of them).

If all else fails, try going back to one of the area links below.

NB. This site is checked regularly and is usually free from internal errors.
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